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Why do I write about Texas?

There is an old adage that says: write what you know. I went to college in Texas, lived in Austin for a short while, was married in Texas, to a Texan, moved away for several years, and now live in Texas again. I love Texas.

But, more than that, my ancestors left their stamp all over this great state. One of my great, great grandfathers was the oldest living Confederate soldier in Shackelford County, Texas for many years. He fought at Gettysburg and laid down arms at the Surrender. After the Civil War, he hauled buffalo hides, lumber and provisions between Old Ft. Griffin and Ft. Worth. His son was run out of cotton farming and into bankruptcy by boll weevils and the Dust Bowl, as his letters to the bank attest. One of my g-grandfathers was a Texas Ranger.

My husband was born and raised north of Abilene, at the base of the Texas panhandle. My second series, T′on Ma, is set around that area, including Double Mountain. His great grandfather was also a Confederate soldier, who was captured and spent several extra years in a Yankee prison because he refused to pledge allegiance to the United States. After contracting tuberculosis, he was released and moved to Texas, married and had ten children. When he died, he was buried in his Confederate uniform.

Legal Notice: All works, current and future, by Magnolia Belle are the intellectual property of, and are copyrighted to, Magnolia Belle and Black Wolf Books.