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Music and the Music Industry

About the music and the music industry

Each of the five Black Wolf books has several song lyrics written into the stories, as material original to the Black Wolf Band. As a songwriter, I wanted to include lyrics for the band and to give the story behind their creation. Many times, artists are asked why they write a particular song. In this series, readers can see where a song comes from, how creativity is sparked, and how different aspects from each contributor to a song are interwoven to create music.

There are four songs in “Lakota Man.” The first, “Little Miss Kiss Me,” is a flirtatious rock-and-roll song that defies its listener to stay seated. Written by Matthew Black Wolf about his brother, Caleb, meeting the love of his life, Sara, it shouts, “Get up and dance!”

Matthew Black Wolf also writes “What’s a Man To Do”. With its R&B flavor, this song helps him realize how lonely he is and how much he wants to find his own lover.

“Lakota Man” is the only song in the first book not written by Black Wolf. Instead, Sara Bradford writes it when she and Caleb separate. Pure blues, pure sorrow express her deepest heartbreak.

“Only One Man” is Caleb’s response to the same break-up. It is his cry to whatever fates are listening that he can’t give up on the only love he’s ever had. Even if he never sees her again, he can’t give up.

* * * * *

From a personal standpoint, “Black Wolf: Lakota Man” is dedicated, in part, to the band “Los Lonely Boys”. This band consists of three brothers, Henry (lead), Jojo (bass) and Ringo (drums) Garza, who are from San Angelo, Texas. They have been playing since they were kids on stage with their father. Now, they are Grammy award-winning musicians (with the song “Heaven”) who have seared their brand on “Texican Rock and Roll”. I have fallen in love with their music and, if Black Wolf were comparable to any band today, it would be them. See for yourself.

* * * * *

I love music and am somewhat familiar with that industry. I’ve always been intrigued by what it must be like trying to live a ‘normal’ life under immense public scrutiny. Being famous, to my mind, is a double-edged sword, and I wanted to explore that with the Black Wolf series.

Music, on its own, is very healing, speaking to places in the human spirit that no words can reach. What happens to that purity when accountants and business managers get involved in the creative process? The priority changes from getting the songs right to meeting release deadlines and moving ‘units’ to Denver.

One of my happiest memories is of being on stage, in front of an audience that ‘tore up the floor’ during one of my songs. There is nothing better, to me, than making that kind of connection with an auditorium full of strangers. Another memory is of the band playing at an outdoor venue. During another of my songs, little children got up and started dancing in front of the stage. Wow! That was the ultimate compliment.

Legal Notice: All works, current and future, by Magnolia Belle are the intellectual property of, and are copyrighted to, Magnolia Belle and Black Wolf Books.