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What does the band Nightwolf have to do with the Grammy winning band Los Lonely Boys, the Texas novelist Magnolia Belle (me) and the song “Latin Lover”? It all comes down to networking and the power of the internet.

Nightwolf’s lead guitarist, Anthony Valenzuela has been a long-time fan of Los Lonely Boys and met me on their fan site several years ago. Since then, I’ve written a series of novels inspired by Los Lonely Boys that describe the lives of four Black Wolf brothers whose band signs with a national label at the beginning of the first book. Each of the books contains several sets of lyrics.

By the fourth book, “Black Wolf: Loco Lobo”, I decided to make a dream come true and have at least one of the songs put to music. My first thought was to ask Anthony if he would be interested in a collaboration – my lyrics with his music. He said yes, and Nightwolf made a single.

Fast forward many years, and now “Latin Lover” is included on their latest CD "Coming Home." The band, located in Fresno, California, performs rock, blues, and urban rhythms. Their new album "Coming Home" is available at CD Baby. Band members are Ernesto Cordero, Jr. (lead vocal), Anthony Valenzuela (lead guitar), Joe Moreno (keyboard), and Ruben Gaitan (drums).

The novel, “Black Wolf: Loco Lobo,” is available on Amazon Kindle.

My pen name, "Magnolia Belle," came from a dream of one day owning a riverboat that offered dinner, sultry jazz and hot R&B while floating down the Mississippi. Realizing I didn't have millions it'd take to get that dream off the ground, I took the name to write under. I figured it'd be one hard to forget. Plus, it's as southern as I am.

I live in Texas with my husband and our 'pack' of fuzzy children (aka dogs). Before that, I grew up in a military family and lived all across the US and in the Orient. In 1977, I got married and in 1978 I graduated with a degree in Accounting from Tarleton State University. Yeah, I know. BIG leap from accountant to novelist. As editor of the University paper, I won first place in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association editorial competition in 1977. I was also a member of "Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities" in 1977-78, and graduated with high honors. A singer/song writer and guitarist, I played with a band in the 1980s that made 3 albums.

I started my company, "Black Wolf Books" in 2005 as a venue to publish and sell my work.  I spend inordinate amounts of time in researching history, facts and personalities in the era they are presented.  Historical events and documentation (such as treaties) are cited in my novels, so readers can see what really happened.

My characters become very real to me, and I often find myself not writing, but rather taking dictation as they tell me their stories. That's also why I tend to write in series of novels. My characters are a gabby bunch!

I hope you'll take the time to meet them. You'll probably fall in love with them just like I have, fuss at them when they do something stupid and cheer them on when they face a hard challenge. When you reach "The End" you'll feel like you've acquired a new set of friends.



Below are two new books just published by Black Wolf Books, Inc. Both have to do with family genealogies and are written by Larry Michaud and Charles E. Burrell.


 photo DustJacket_Cover_Front .jpg
 photo Book Cover 8x10 layered Red leather_2.jpg

"Steve Michaud: In a Time of Change" by Larry Michaud, is a biography of a man instrumental in the development of Hodge, Louisiana. Published by Black Wolf Books, Inc. and available in hardback at

 photo LULU button.jpg

"Time's Tapestry: From Henry A. to Hiram to Marion E. Burrell" by Charles E. Burrell details Burrell family genealogy from 1812 New York to early 21st century Texas. Published by Black Wolf Books, Inc. and available in hardback at

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I am thrilled to announce that "Lady Gwendolyn" a historical novel is available in ebook form at  Smashwords, Nook, and Kindle. Paperback and hardcover are available through this website.




Click here for excerpts


About the books:

The series, T'on Ma, tells of a young woman torn between her love for an Army lieutenant and a Kiowa warrior. Their stories are set in the high plains of Texas and southern Oklahoma in the 1850-1880s. There are three books in this series:


  1. "T'on Ma"  Click Here For FREE Smashwords eBook and here for Kindle
  2. "Kûy Syân Joshua" Click Here For $4.99 Smashwords eBook and here for Kindle
  3. "Little Wolf Ranch" Click Here For $4.99 Smashwords eBook and here for Kindle
Stand-alone novels,
  • "Tascosa" Click Here for $2.99 Kindle eBook in English. Click Here For $2.99 Smashwords or Kindle eBook in German, and

For those new to the site, you are invited to step into the worlds Magnolia Belle has created in her series, as well as in her 'stand-alone' books (stories that aren't part of a series) and meet the people who live there. Before too many chapters roll by, you will no longer be reading - you will become one of the people who makes their way through one adventure after another.

We are excited to show off our  website, which  gives Magnolia Belle's readers the opportunity to buy her novels directly from us, complete with her autograph. Take a moment to look the site over and, if you like what you see, please set up an account with us. We'll be happy to notify you of her upcoming bookfairs, readings and newest releases.


We're glad you stopped by and hope you will visit again soon.


All our best,

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and the folks from
Black Wolf Books




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Lady Gwendolyn
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Black Wolf: Loco Lobo
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